Title: Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics Seminar (2016.12.1)
Author: CMAC
Date: 2016-11-20 (20:41)

Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Date/Time: Dec 1th, Turs.,4:00 : ~ 5:00 PM

Location: Science Building, #254, Yonsei University

Speaker: 박혜진 박사

Affiliation: Ohio State University

Title: Introduction to Borel summation and its application to heat-like equation


While most equations cannot be solved explicitly, we can often obtain formal solutions such as power series in an algorithmic way. Sometimes the series do not converge, but we can still use them to derive some information about the solutions. First, by introducing Borel summation, I will show how to regularize these divergent formal solutions to get actual ones, and then I will show Borel summability in nonsingular directions of solutions of heat-like PDE of the form $𝑢_𝑡=𝑎(𝑧)𝑢_{𝑧𝑧}$ for certain types of $𝑎(𝑧)$ and initial functions.