Title: Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics Seminar (2017.5.24)
Author: CMAC
Date: 2017-05-23 (21:02)

Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Date/Time: May 24th, Wed., 4:00 ~ 5:00 PM

Location: cmac seminar room

Speaker: Moon-jin Kang

Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin, USA

Title: Contraction of shocks for the barotropic Navier-Stokes equations


We discuss about the contraction of any weak perturbations of viscous shocks for the barotropic Navier-Stokes system. No smallness condition on the perturbations, which do not depend on the viscousity coefficient. Therefore this allows to handle the inviscid limit problem, that is, entropic discontinuous shocks for the isentropic Euler system are unique, and stable in the class of any weak inviscid limit of solutions to the Navier-Stokes system.